About Allison McAtee

Allison McAtee is an American actress, model and philanthropist.

Meet Allison

Allison was born on Sept 24 in Erie, Pennsylvania.  She lived with her mother Sandra, a cardiac care charge nurse.  She saw her father Edward, a special education teacher turned Education Director, weekly.  Allison grew up surrounded by cousins as her father comes from a family of nine.  “I didn’t really have a traditional ‘only child’ experience as I was lucky enough to be surrounded by so many cousins,” she says.  “Although, I was one of the youngest so that inevitably meant that when playing ‘Star Wars’ I had to be an Ewok.”

Career Start

Allison always loved the stage. She started dance lessons at the age of 3.  Her professional career didn’t begin until the age of 14, when she was spotted in a Dr.’s office by model scout and agent Andrew Broz.  She spent a summer in Toronto modeling and subsequent summers in New York City throughout high school.  After graduating, she enrolled in the Theatre Arts Program at The University of Pittsburgh.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Theatre, Film & TV

Upon graduation, Allison moved to New York City to pursue acting.  She was in several Off-Broadway Productions including the award winning comedy ‘Confessions of a WonderBabe.’  She quickly made fans in TV casting offices and began booking television Guest Star roles.  In 2008, Allison was prompted to go to LA, to star opposite Michael Madsen and Dennis Hopper in Quentin Tarantino’s: ‘Hell Ride.’  She spent the next couple of years being bi-coastal, finally settling in LA.  Next was a role opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow in Jon Favreau’s: ‘Iron Man’, which grossed $318 million at the domestic box office.  Allison can also be seen in the indie cult classic: ‘Bloomington’ and in Showtime’s: ‘Californication.’  She is currently starring on Tyler Perry’s: ‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ on OWN.

When she’s not acting, Allison invests her time in family and friends, producing her own projects, and community service and philanthropy.

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